Buckingham Rowing Club  
  Established in 1910, Buckingham Rowing Club has always been one of the premier rowing clubs of Tasmania with an enviable tradition of success nationally and internationally in both male and female events from junior rowing through to the very popular veteran events.
Current membership includes approx 30 Pennant Rowers, 20 Masters Rowers and 30 Other members ranging from 12 years to senior Master Rowers.

Buck’s clubhouse walls are covered with oars, trophy cabinets and photographs showing our crews going back to the early years of the last century. Buck’s has proudly and successfully been represented in the sport of rowing by its members at club, state, national and at the international level.
Besides catering for the elite athlete, Buck’s has always maintained a strong link with the wider the community. This is evident in its regular Learn-to-Row programs targeting more senior members of the community promoting healthy outdoor activity. Junior rowing has also played a major part in the success of the club. Plans for the continued promotion of junior development and in particular juniors from the local area are ongoing.

Fundraising is done by Parent and member volunteers along with our Centenary Equipment Project. The club relies on fundraising for maintenance and upgrade of Club facilities and equipment for the use of members.

Recent Club results:
2011 Tasmanian State Title (4th year in sucession)
17 State Titles
Hydro Cup winner

National Championships - one Gold, One Silver, One Bronze, 8 x A final berths, 1 x B final berth

Representation in State Youth Mens and Womens Cup
Australian Masters Championships - Champions in Mens E-2, E-4, Mixed C Double scull

Marine Esplanade, Hobart, Australia 7008

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